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Working 3.0 – San Diego Court Update.

James D. Crosby, Attorney at Law - Complex and General Business Litigation and Trial Representation - San Diego, California

San Diego Court Update:

The Superior Court in San Diego has now closed except for emergency matters through April 3. All civil proceedings are continued. But, electronic civil filings are ongoing. We understand they will be held in queue and processed by the Court when operations resume.

The U.S. District Court remains open but under very severe restrictions. All jury trials are continued to April 16. No new trials are being set. Individual district judges retain discretion to conduct proceedings, by telephone or video conference where practicable, as necessary to preserve the rights of the parties. U.S. District Court electronic filings are ongoing.

Accordingly, we will continue to meet all filing deadlines in all matters in both the Superior Court and U.S. District Court. Our opponents are working, so are we. The battles continue, just from a distance for awhile.

Regardless of these changes and any more to come, our practice is open and running, and will remain so in this turbulent, unsettled time. We are here, we are available, we are working, we continue to fully represent our clients and their interests, and we are taking on new matters. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call/email/text.

Be safe and stay healthy.

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