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Time to Meet & Confer – Episode 6 – There’s More to These Lawyers Than Meets the Eye (and Ear) – Lawyers Artists – Live Now!

James D. Crosby, Attorney at Law - Complex and General Business Litigation and Trial Representation - San Diego, California

Organized, structured, methodical, tactical, deadline-oriented, device-laden, neatly-stacked documents on sleek desks, always busy, always working, always billing — these common (and commonly inaccurate) perceptions of lawyers seem far removed from notions of artistic inspiration and individual creativity, and from sketchpads, easels, and paint. But, is that accurate or fair? Are the traits that make lawyers successful incompatible with those that could make them happy, fulfilled, and successful artists? Can one be both a busy, successful lawyer and an active, creative artist?

Episode #6 of the San Diego County Bar Association’s “Meet and Confer” podcast answers this question and is live at and on Apple iTunes and Google Podcasts.

In this episode of SDCBA’s Meet and Confer podcast, Renee Stackhouse and I chat with San Diego attorneys Philip Mauriello and Nannette Farina about their art and music, and its significance in their professional and personal lives.

San Diego Attorney Nannette Farina has a successful San Diego complex business, commercial and bankruptcy litigation practice. She is also an active working artist. Her work has shown in juried art shows and she has successfully sold pieces and worked on commission. San Diego Attorney Philip Mauriello just launched his San Diego business law practice. His is also a musician, playing guitar and mandolin. Phillip regularly performs and has played in cover bands, including a country cover band in New Jersey!

Can one be both a busy, successful lawyer and an active, creative artist? As David and Nannette attest in this interesting podcast, “Yes, Why Not?” Take a few minutes, give it  listen, and get inspired!

And take at look at Renee’s and my companion piece on “Lawyer Artists” in the Jan/Feb 2020 Edition of SDCBA’s San Diego Lawyer.

“Meet & Confer” is a podcast for and about our unique San Diego legal community. We hope to grow our San Diego audience as we grow the podcast. Please look for new episodes, keep listening, and let us know what you’d like to hear about on future episodes by sending an email to

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