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Trial Lawyer on the Road

James D. Crosby, Attorney at Law - Complex and General Business Litigation and Trial Representation - San Diego, California

Trial lawyer on the road – five depositions, five days, three states.

Depositions, as always, are fun. Always great sport to grill somebody else’s witnesses on their own turf.

Other than that – long flights, airports, hotel rooms, not enough sleep, G&Ts in hotel/airport bars, late night drives to hotel with iPhone/Siri directions, rental cars, late night/early morning prep, where are my documents?, OJ and quick snacks rushing for next plane, obnoxious attorneys, combative witnesses, snide opposing parties, friendly court reporters, crappy food, occasional good food, drinks and dinner with local counsel, strange conversations with complete strangers sitting next to you on plane, flying over major cities at night – so cool!, pages flying by on kindle, stale music on shuffle, old people cutting in line for plane, flight delays for “maintenance” issues, pounding out more emails after plane doors are closed and before attendant catches on, another drink on plane?, texts with Jill and the girls – the best, f’ freezing weather everywhere, sun is missing, running rest of practice from a phone, deadlines piling up at office, billing entries piling up on yellow pad, emails piling up on phone, reviewing drafts on iPhone/iPad, days crawl by, days fly by, next question, next objection, next answer, next deponent, . .

And so it goes!

All part of the job.


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